Director and Management Resources

Directors and management of banks, bank holding companies, and savings and loan holding companies should find the following information helpful. Additional information on Regulations, Policies, and Guidance and Banking and Economic Data is available elsewhere on this website.

San Francisco Fed Banking Supervision Resources for Bankers (pdf, 97 kb)

Director Training Resources

Management Training Resources

Regulatory Reporting Resources

  • Reporting Central

    Reporting Central provides financial institutions with access to electronic reporting applications, report forms and instructions. Information collected allows the Federal Reserve to carry out its responsibilities of monetary policy, the supervision and regulation of the banking industry and the protection of consumers’ rights. Documents needed for preparing and filing regulatory and financial reports are also available.
  • Reporting Forms (FRS) 
  • Reporting Forms (FFIEC) 

Reserves and Lending Resources

  • Reserves Central

    Reserves Central provides resources and tools to help financial institutions manage different types of reserve balances: required reserve balances, contractual clearing balances and excess reserve balances. From Reserves Central, financial institutions can review reserve requirements and access and drill down into comprehensive reserves data. Financial institutions can also find comprehensive information on interest-bearing term deposits.
  • Federal Reserve Discount Window

    Lending Central links financial institutions to details about the mechanics of borrowing, primary, secondary, as well as seasonal lending programs, and discount rate tables. Guidelines are also provided to help financial institutions comply with the Federal Reserve’s operating circulars and regulations.