State Member Bank and Membership Applications

A state member bank (SMB) must file applications for prior Federal Reserve approval under certain circumstances, such as merging with another bank; establishing, closing, consolidating, or relocating branches; establishing a bank service; or investing in bank premises. In addition, a state chartered bank proposing to become a member of the Federal Reserve System or a national bank converting to a state charter and desiring to remain a member of the Federal Reserve System must file an application for prior Federal Reserve approval.

State Member Bank Applications Information
Forms, instructions, processing timeframes, and publications requirements for various SMB applications.

Membership Information
Information on the benefits of and process to apply for state bank membership.

Change in Control Information
A change in SMB ownership may also require a filing. Individuals or groups acting in concert that wish to acquire ownership of a state member bank should contact this Reserve Bank in advance to determine whether a filing would be required. 

Newspaper Publication Requirements
Sample language and instructions for newspaper publications for various SMB applications.

Common Questions and Answers on Regulation H
Common questions and answers related to applications provisions in Regulation H, Membership of State Banking Institutions in the Federal Reserve System.

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