Since 1974, the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco has conducted an active Pacific Basin program to promote cooperation among central banks in the region and enhance public understanding of major Pacific Basin economic policy issues. The Bank has sponsored international conferences and published books and articles on Pacific Basin issues. The Bank’s Center for Pacific Basin Studies, established in 1990, opened the program to the participation of other institutions and individuals who wish to join in promoting greater understanding of major Pacific Basin monetary and economic policy issues.


Zheng Liu
Vice President and Director Center for Pacific Basin Studies

Reuven Glick
Group Vice President

Mark Spiegel
Senior Policy Advisor

John Fernald
Senior Research Advisor

Thuy Lan Nguyen
Senior Economist

Kathy Quintanilla
Project Analyst

Visiting Scholar Program

Visiting Scholars are invited to conduct research at the Center on Pacific Basin monetary, financial, and economic policy issues of interest to the United States and other economies in the region. To qualify, a Visiting Scholar must have an established research record in terms of publications in professional economic journals, and the ability to interact in English with other researchers.

For more information, please contact Kathy Quintanilla


Ariel Burnstein

Pierre-Olivier Gourinchas
UC Berkeley

Grace Gu
UC Santa Cruz

Galina Hale
UC Santa Cruz

Oleg Itskhoki

Monica Morlacco

Kadee Russ
UC Davis

Shang-Jin Wei

Steve Wu
UC San Diego


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