About the Asia Program and Country Analysis Unit

The Supervision + Credit Country Analysis Unit (CAU) manages the Asia Program, which focuses on issues important to banking in Asia and the Pacific Rim. Asia Program activities are designed to share information on issues and developments in Asian financial sectors with business and community leaders in the 12th Federal Reserve District and more broadly and support the Reserve Bank’s supervisory oversight of Asian foreign banking organizations operating in the U.S. To further its mission, the CAU team organizes Asia Program conferences, symposia, and forums to address current events that may impact banking and regulatory policies. The Unit also publishes its research and analysis in the Asia Focus report, Pacific Exchange blog, and Pacific Exchanges podcast. Annually, CAU prepares a summary of Asia Program activities and events (pdf, 225 kb) conducted throughout the year.

Please also see the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco’s Center for Pacific Basin Studies for additional research and programs to promote cooperation among central banks in the region and enhance public understanding of major Pacific Basin monetary and economic policy issues.

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Annual Asia Program Summary (pdf, 225 kb)