The Community Development team supports the San Francisco Fed’s mission of promoting a healthy, inclusive, sustainable economy by advancing the economic resilience and mobility of low-income people and people of color. We work to expand economic opportunity for all through research and engagement with communities in the Twelfth Federal Reserve District.

How We Work

We conduct research on barriers to economic opportunity and promising practices. We conduct and share credible, data-driven research that tells a nuanced story.

We activate and support multisector partnerships to expand economic opportunity. We facilitate dialogue, shared learning, and partnership building across sectors. We hold events, roundtables, and one-on-one conversations to surface promising strategies. We catalyze change by connecting communities to new resources, new partners, and new ideas.

We engage our communities to better understand the Twelfth Federal Reserve District. We leverage our networks and engage with stakeholders to learn about current challenges and emerging issues, and we elevate them to inform Bank leadership. We dialogue with diverse contacts to gather information for monetary policy.

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