CPBS Working Papers

August 2020

Bank Risk-Taking and Monetary Policy Transmission: Evidence from China  2020-27 Li Liu Peng Xu

April 2020

Capital Controls and Income Inequality  2020-14 Liu Spiegel Zhang

September 2019

Complexity of Global Banks and Their Foreign Operation in Hong Kong  2019-22 Kwan Ho Tan

August 2019

Is China Fudging Its GDP Figures? Evidence from Trading Partner Data  2019-19 Fernald Hsu Spiegel

May 2019

Assessing Abenomics: Evidence from Inflation-Indexed Japanese Government Bonds  2019-15 Christensen Spiegel

August 2018

Optimal Capital Account Liberalization in China  2018-10 Liu Spiegel Zhang

July 2017

Interest-Rate Liberalization and Capital Misallocations  2017-15 Liu Wang Xu

June 2016

Reserve Requirements and Optimal Chinese Stabilization Policy  2016-10 Chang Liu Spiegel Zhang

May 2016

The Slow Job Recovery in a Macro Model of Search and Recruiting Intensity  2016-09 Leduc Liu

September 2015

Is China Fudging its Figures? Evidence from Trading Partner Data  2015-12 Fernald Hsu Spiegel

October 2014

The International Transmission of Shocks: Foreign Bank Branches in Hong Kong during Crises  2014-25 Kwan Wong Hui

February 2014

Monetary Policy Effectiveness in China: Evidence from a FAVAR Model  2014-07 Fernald Spiegel Swanson

April 2014

Breaking the “Iron Rice Bowl” and Precautionary Savings: Evidence from Chinese State-Owned Enterprises Reform  2014-04 He Huang Liu Zhu

May 2013

China’s Financial Linkages with Asia and the Global Financial Crisis  2013-12 Glick  Hutchison

March 2013

Persistence of Regional Inequality in China  2013-06 Candelaria  Daly  Hale

February 2013

Capital Controls and Optimal Chinese Monetary Policy  2012-13 Chang  Liu  Spiegel

January 2011

Cross-Country Causes and Consequences of the Crisis: An Update  2011-02 Rose  Spiegel

January 2011

If You Try, You’ll Get By: Chinese Private Firms’ Efficiency Gains from Overcoming Financial Constraints  2010-21 Hale  Long

September 2010

Asset Class Diversification and Delegation of Responsibilities between Central Banks and Sovereign Wealth Funds  2010-20 Aizenman  Glick

September 2010

China’s Monetary Policy and the Exchange Rate  2010-19 Mehrotra  Sanchez-Fung

May 2010

Growth Accounting with Misallocation: Or, Doing Less with More in Singapore  2010-18 Fernald  Neiman

February 2010

Bond Currency Denomination and the Yen Carry Trade  2010-04 Candelaria  Lopez  Spiegel

September 2009

Cross-Country Causes and Consequences of the 2008 Crisis: International Linkages and American Exposure  2009-18  Rose  Spiegel

July 2009

Cross-Country Causes and Consequences of the 2008 Crisis: Early Warning  2009-17 Rose  Spiegel

June 2009

Foreign Entry into Underwriting Services: Evidence from Japan’s “Big Bang” Deregulation  2009-14 Spiegel  Lopez

November 2010

Beyond Kuznets: Persistent Regional Inequality in China  2009-07 Candelaria  Daly  Hale

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