Irrational Exuberance?


Friday, April 21, 2000

Irrational Exuberance?

Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco
Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research

Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco
April 21, 2000

Conference Summary


Friday, April 21
4th Floor Central Conference Rooms A & B

Session I
9:15 A.M. Continental Breakfast
10:00 A.M. The Information Technology Revolution and the Stock Market: Preliminary Evidence (PDF -859KB)

BART HOBIJN, New York University
BOYAN JOVANOVIC, New York University

Professor Jovanovic will also use material from this paper during his presentation.
Vintage Organization Capital (PDF – 3.14MB)

BOYAN JOVANOVIC, New York University
PETER L. ROUSSEAU, Vanderbilt University

10:45 A.M. ROBERT E. HALL, Stanford University
The Stock Market and Capital Accumulation (PDF -286KB)
11:30 A.M. Break
11:45 A.M.
Comments by: BRAD DE LONG, University of California, Berkeley
Open Discussion
Market Street Dining Room
12:45 P.M. Lunch

4th Floor Central Conference Room
Session II

2:00 P.M. JOHN HEATON, Northwestern University
DEBORAH LUCAS, Northwestern University
Stock Prices and Fundamentals (PDF -339KB)
2:45 P.M. JOSEPH ZEIRA, The Hebrew University, Jerusalem
Informational Overshooting, Booms, and Crashes (PDF -114KB)
3:30 P.M. Break
3:45 P.M.
Comments by: ROBERT SHILLER, Yale University
Open Discussion
Market Street Lounge
5:00 P.M. Reception