West Coast Search and Matching Workshop


Friday, May 27, 2016


Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco
101 Market Street
San Francisco, CA94105

Download agenda (pdf, 169 kb)

Session 1
Paper 1: The Life-Cycle Distribution of Earnings and the Decline in Labor’s Share

  • Andy Glover
  • J. Short
Paper 2: Occupational Reallocation, Employment and Earnings over the Business Cycle

  • David Wiczer
  • C. Carrillo Tudela
  • L. Visschers
Session 2
Paper 3: Corporate Finance and Monetary Policy

  • Cathy Zhang
  • G. Rocheteau
  • R. Wright
Session 3
Paper 4: Unemployment Dynamics with Endogenous Borrowing Constraints, Taste for Variety, and Firm Entry

  • Mario Silva
Paper 5: Crime and the Minimum Wage

  • Christine Braun
Session 4
Paper 6: The Role of Quits and Replacement Hiring in the Cyclicality of Job Openings

  • Benjamin Schoefer
Marianna Kudlyak and Nicolas Petrosky-Nadeau