Micro Macro Labor Economics Conference


Friday, November 22, 2019


San Francisco, CA

Welcoming Remarks
Sylvain Leduc, Director of Research & Executive Vice President, Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco

Declining Worker Turnover: the Role of Short Duration Employment Spells
Michael J. Pries, University of Notre Dame
Richard Rogerson, Princeton University
Discussant 1: Andreas Hornstein, FRB Richmond
Discussant 2: John Haltiwanger, University of Maryland

Download paper (pdf, 2.4 mb)

Jobs at Risk, Regional Growth, and Labor Market Flows
Eran B. Hoffmann, Hebrew University
Monika Piazzesi, Stanford University
Martin Schneider, Stanford University
Discussant 1: Katarina Borovičková, New York University
Discussant 2: Ryan Michaels, FRB Philadelphia

Download paper (pdf, 1 mb)

Automation, Globalization and Vanishing Jobs: A Labor Market Sorting View
Ester Faia, Goethe University Frankfurt
Sebastien Laffitte, ENS Paris-Saclay and CREST
Gianmarco Ottaviano, London School and Economics
Maximilian Mayer, Goethe University Frankfurt
Discussant 1: Erik Hurst, University of Chicago
Discussant 2: Chris Tonetti, Stanford University

Download paper (pdf, 866 kb)

How Important Is Health Inequality for Lifetime Earnings Inequality?
Roozbeh Hosseini, University of Georgia
Karen Kopecky, FRB Atlanta
Kai Zhao, University of Connecticut

Discussant 1: David Wiczer, Stony Brook University
Discussant 2: Hannes Schwandt, Northwestern University

Estimating Who Benefits From Productivity Growth: Direct and Indirect Effects of City Manufacturing TFP Growth on Wages, Rents, and Inequality
Richard Hornbeck, University of Chicago
Enrico Moretti, University of California at Berkeley

Discussant 1: Matthew Freedman, UC Irvine
Discussant 2: John Mondragon, Northwestern University and FRB San Francisco

Conference Organizers:
Régis Barnichon
Mary C. Daly
Marianna Kudlyak
Nicolas Petrosky-Nadeau
Rob Valletta