Symposium on Monetary Policy and Financial Stability


Friday, February 19, 2021



The Federal Reserve Banks of San Francisco, Minneapolis, and Richmond brought together their senior leadership, staff, and external experts to discuss monetary policy’s role in promoting financial stability. Panel sessions focused on what we have learned about how monetary policy can promote financial stability, and on how such policies can be put into practice.

Opening remarks
Kartik B. Athreya, FRB Richmond

Panel 1. The Link Between Monetary Policy and Financial Stability

Moderator: Thomas Mertens, FRB San Francisco
Panelists: Claudio Borio, BIS
Annette Vissing-Jørgensen, UC Berkeley
Kristin J. Forbes, MIT

Panel 2. Using Monetary Policy for Financial Stability

Moderator: Mark L. J. Wright, FRB Minneapolis
Panelists: Andrea Eisfeldt, UCLA
Frank Smets, ECB
Jeremy C. Stein, Harvard

Closing remarks
Kartik Athreya, FRB Richmond

Symposium organizers:

Huberto Ennis, FRB Richmond
Terry Fitzgerald, FRB Minneapolis
Thomas M. Mertens, FRB San Francisco
Tom Tallarini, FRB Minneapolis