What’s Next in Asia? Ten Things You Might Not Be Expecting in 2013


Tuesday, January 8, 2013


Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, Los Angeles Branch
Los Angeles, CA

Discussion: As veteran observers of Asia, international economist David Hale and writer Lyric Hughes Hale have envisioned geostrategic, political and economic scenarios that are contrary to current conventional wisdom, and trends that deserve more attention than they are given in the media. Join them for a discussion of how they see the U.S. relationship with Asia evolving over the short to medium term, and the implications for the American economy and financial system.

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David Hale

David Hale
Global Economist and Chairman,
David Hale Global Economics

About David Hale: David Hale is a Chicago-based global macroeconomist. He is founding chairman of David Hale Global Economics, Inc., whose clients include asset management companies, hedge funds, and multinational corporations worldwide.

Mr. Hale previously served as global chief economist for Kemper Financial Services and Zurich Financial Services. A frequent speaker at international conferences, he is a prolific writer and is an executive editor of International Economy. Together with his wife Lyric Hughes Hale, he co-edited “What’s Next? Unconventional Wisdom about the World Economy” published by Yale University Press in 2011. He has testified before Congress on economic policy issues.

Mr. Hale holds a B.Sc. degree in international economic affairs from the Georgetown University School of Foreign Service and a M.Sc. degree in economics from the London School of Economics.

Lyric Hughes Hale

Lyric Hughes Hale
Independent International Affairs Professional and
Board Director,
The Japan American Society of Chicago

About Lyric Hughes Hale:Lyric Hughes Hale is a writer and contributor to a range of publications. “China Takes Off”, published in Foreign Affairs in 2003 and written jointly with her husband, David Hale, is one of the most oft-cited surveys of China’s economic ascendancy.  

In 2011, they jointly edited “What’s Next? Unconventional Wisdom about the Future of the World Economy (Yale University Press).  She previously headed a Chicago-based international marketing communications firm for technology companies, and then founded China Online, a pioneering Internet news site.

Ms. Hale studied at Northwestern University and graduated from the University of Chicago with a degree in Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations. A lifelong Asianist, her scholarly interests include Chinese monetary policy during the 1930s, Iranian affairs, and the role of the media in developing countries.