San Joaquin Valley Capacity Building Webinar: Board Governance – How to Move From Bored to Board


Wednesday, July 2, 2014


10:30 am – 11:30 am


Leilani Barnett
Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco

Join us for this San Joaquin Valley Capacity Building Webinar to learn about Board governance. Whether you serve on a board, or work for a non-profit or for-profit organization that has a board, you will benefit from this event. Never before has the role of board members been so important in the San Joaquin Valley. With many organizations stretched beyond capacity trying to meet serious community needs with constricting financial resources, board members have the opportunity to provide both strategic leadership and steady stewardship, with a focus on financial sustainability.

Presenting will be Carol Davies, President, Davies & Associates. Carol is a Fresno based Capacity Builder, Trainer, Coach, Strategist, and Fund Developer. One of her projects includes Fresno First 5 Sustainability Project. The project is aimed at helping agencies strengthen and maintain their ability to achieve positive outcomes for children ages 0-5. The goal is to help organizations think strategically about how to build their internal capacity to pursue and achieve resources that will address long-term needs.

How to Move From Bored to Board

“We just can’t seem to find people who are willing to serve and our good board members keep resigning. What do we do?” Seems like the two of the biggest issues that boards have are the identification and recruitment of new board members and the retention of current and future board members.

The reality is that all boards, small or large, have ten basic responsibilities and unless your board members clearly understand and embrace them, the board will function poorly, its members will become bored and disillusioned, and you will have great difficulty in recruiting and keeping new members. As a board member once said, “Just tell me what you want me to do, give me the tools to do it, build my confidence to do the job, and I can do it!”

That’s what this workshop is all about! Your board can be invigorated through knowledge and the clear understanding of their roles and responsibilities of oversite and governance. Once your house is in order, intentional strategies for identifying and recruiting new board members become an ongoing part of your DNA.

Become engaged in the experience of what it means to move from bored to board. This workshop will walk you through the ten responsibilities of the board, explore strategies and best practices on board recruitment, give you the tools and support to assess your current functionality and to identify and implement intentional steps towards becoming a great board – one with great relationships, that understand and embrace their roles and responsibilities and create a vision for the future.


  1. Participants will gain a basic understanding of the responsibilities of a board.
  2. Participants will gain the understanding of the board recruitment process.
  3. Participants will gain the knowledge to assess the functionality of their current board.
  4. Participants will gain technique and tools efficiencies of the assessment.