2016 Meet the Experts


Thursday, October 20, 2016


Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, Head Office
101 Market Street
San Francisco, CA94105


Amy Ferraz
Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco

Meet the Experts is a speaker series designed to provide secondary and post-secondary educators with an opportunity to interact with leaders from throughout the Bank. Our objective is to foster greater understanding about the roles and responsibilities of the Federal Reserve and to highlight emerging issues in the economy. Please register at your earliest convenience to save your seat, as space is limited.

This year’s speakers include:

John C. Williams, President & CEO, Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco

Dr. Williams is an expert on monetary policy and business cycles, and a strong advocate for economic education and will host a luncheon roundtable discussion.

Mary C. Daly, Senior Vice President & Associate Director of Research, Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco

Dr. Daly specializes in labor markets, public economics, and social welfare and will provide a presentation on achieving full employment.

Michael Bailey, Senior Economic Research Scientist, Facebook, Inc.

Dr. Bailey will talk about how the News Feed Science and News Feed Quality teams at Facebook study the News Feed ecosystem, and build models of consumer and producer behavior to better understand user preferences for content and the incentives of content producers on Facebook.

Tim Marder, Fintech Senior Supervisory Analyst, Financial Institution Supervision & Credit Division, Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco

Mr. Marder will provide an overview on fintech.

Timothy Mahedy, Economic Analyst, Economic Research Department, Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco

Mr. Mahedy will discuss careers in economics without a doctorate.