San Francisco Fed to Co-host “Innovation Office Hours” to Meet with Banks and Companies Engaged in Digital Innovations in Finance

The Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco on Tuesday announced that it will co-host with the Federal Reserve Board a series of “innovation office hours” with banks and companies engaged in digital innovations in financial services.

Scheduled for Aug 11-13, 2020, this upcoming round of innovation office hours follows a similar event at the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, which took place in February. The sessions are a convenient way for banks and financial technology firms to meet one-on-one with employees of the San Francisco Fed and the Federal Reserve Board to discuss technological services that firms are offering or may be interested in offering. Conducted virtually, innovation office hours provide a two-way learning opportunity for firms and Federal Reserve staff. Federal Reserve staff will not provide new guidance, application approvals, or supervisory opinions during an office hour session.

Participants in the mid-August office hours event are also invited to join a virtual fireside chat on responsible digital innovation with Tracy Basinger, Executive Vice President at the San Francisco Fed, and Kavita Jain, Deputy Associate Director at the Board of Governors. The live session will take place on Tuesday, August 11th at 12pm PDT. Firms interested in participating can sign up online

Please see the Federal Reserve System’s Innovation page for future office hours series dates and locations.

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