Membership Appointment to Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco’s Community Depository Institutions Advisory Council

San Francisco, CA — The Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco announced that Maria P. Kunac, President and CEO, Coronado First Bank, Coronado, CA, was appointed as the newest member of the Twelfth District’s Community Depository Institutions Advisory Council (CDIAC). Ms. Kunac will serve a three-year term.

The CDIAC represents banks, thrift institutions and credit unions of various sizes within the Twelfth District. The council provides input to the Bank’s senior management on a variety of topics, including economic and banking conditions, regulatory policies, and payment issues.

The balance of the council includes:

  • John V. Evans, Jr., CEO, DL Evans Bank, Burley, ID.; Chairman CDIAC
  • Ronald A. Barrick, President and CEO, Advantis Credit Union, Milwaukie, OR.; Vice Chair CDIAC
  • William E. Castle, President and CEO, South Valley Bank and Trust, Klamath Falls, OR.
  • James E. Christensen, President and CEO, Gateway Commercial Bank, Mesa, AZ.
  • Daniel J. Doyle, President and CEO, Central Valley Community Bank, Fresno, CA.
  • Steven R. Gardner, President and CEO, Pacific Premier Bank, Costa Mesa, CA.
  • Constance H. Lau, Chairman, American Savings Bank, Honolulu, HI.
  • Arvind A. Menon, President and CEO, Meadows Bank, Las Vegas, NV.
  • Darin B. Moody, President and CEO, Utah First Federal Credit Union, Salt Lake City, UT.
  • James R. Woolwine, Chairman, Presidio Bank, San Francisco, CA.

The Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco (SF Fed) serves the public by promoting a healthy, sustainable economy, and supporting the nation’s financial and payment systems. With offices in Los Angeles, Seattle, Salt Lake City, Portland and Phoenix, the Bank serves the Twelfth Federal Reserve District, which includes one-fifth of the nation’s population and represents the world’s fourth-largest economy. As part of the nation’s central bank, the SF Fed informs monetary policy, regulates banks, administers certain consumer protection laws and acts as a financial partner to the U.S. government.