Membership and Leadership Announcements for the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco’s Community Advisory Council

SAN FRANCISCO – The Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco announced the newest members of its Community Advisory Council (CAC), as well as a new vice chair, effective January 1, 2024.

The CAC’s newest members include:

Erin Abrahamson
Chief of Staff
National Center for American Indian Enterprise Development
Mesa, Arizona

Ricardo Flores
Executive Director
Local Initiatives Support Corporation – San Diego
San Diego, California

In addition, a new vice chair of the Council for 2024 has been appointed:

Ryan Kusumoto
President and Chief Executive Officer
Parents and Children Together (PACT) – Hawaii
Honolulu, Hawaii

About the Community Advisory Council
Established in 2017, the Twelfth District Community Advisory Council (CAC) serves as an important source of information on current and pending developments in the Twelfth District with an emphasis on underserved and lower-income communities. The members provide observations, opinions, and advice to the management of the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco on the present state of the economy and on developments in the respective members’ communities and areas of interest. The Council also provides input on the Bank’s community development activities. The Twelfth District Community Advisory Council members reside within the nine-state District of this Reserve Bank.

Jennifer Chamberlain
Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco
(415) 974-2383

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