The Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco Names Roger W. Replogle Product Manager of the National Cash Product Office

San Francisco – Roger W. Replogle has been appointed product manager of the National Cash Product Office (CPO), the Bank announced today. Mr. Replogle is currently a senior vice president at the Bank, responsible for Cash Services, Administrative Services, Business Development, Customer Support, Facilities, Business Continuity and Police Services. He also serves as the Los Angeles Branch Manager. Mr. Replogle was appointed to replace James D. Narron, who will become first vice president and chief operating officer of the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia.

The CPO is responsible for strategic leadership to Reserve Bank cash departments by formulating policies, operational guidance, and technology strategies for U.S. currency and coin services provided nationally and internationally. The CPO’s primary mission and responsibility is to maintain public confidence in U.S. currency.

Mr. Replogle joined the Los Angeles Branch of the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco in July 1980. His career at the Federal Reserve has encompassed a variety of functions with increasing responsibility in financial services, operations, and administrative areas, making him ideally suited to fill this critical role. Mr. Replogle’s operational responsibilities will be shifted to a newly created position, allowing him to focus exclusively on his CPO and Los Angeles Branch responsibilities.

Mr. Replogle is a graduate of the University of Southern California’s Marketing Executive Program and the University of Colorado’s Payment Institute and also attended Southwest Missouri State University. He serves on the Board of the Arizona Council on Economic Education.

The Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco (SF Fed) serves the public by promoting a healthy, sustainable economy, and supporting the nation’s financial and payment systems. With offices in Los Angeles, Seattle, Salt Lake City, Portland and Phoenix, the Bank serves the Twelfth Federal Reserve District, which includes one-fifth of the nation’s population and represents the world’s fourth-largest economy. As part of the nation’s central bank, the SF Fed informs monetary policy, regulates banks, administers certain consumer protection laws and acts as a financial partner to the U.S. government.