Financial Disclosures

In order to promote transparency and in response to media interest, the Federal Reserve Banks have made available the financial disclosure forms and related documents their current President filed with their Federal Reserve Bank’s Ethics Officer. The information available covers the reporting period for the time John Williams has been President of the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco.

President Williams’ 2017 Financial Disclosure (pdf, 750 kb)

President Williams’ 2016 Financial Disclosure (pdf, 428 kb)

President Williams’ 2015 Financial Disclosure (pdf, 525 kb)

President Williams’ 2014 Financial Disclosure (pdf, 2.0 mb)

President Williams’ 2013 Financial Disclosure (pdf, 1.7 mb)

President Williams’ 2012 Financial Disclosure (pdf, 1.3 mb)

President Williams’ 2011 Financial Disclosure (pdf, 1.2 mb)