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The Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco welcomes opportunities for our senior leaders, economists, and subject matter experts to speak on a number of topics including but not limited to: banking supervision, cash, community and economic development, economic conditions, household financial stability, monetary policy, and the purposes and functions of the Federal Reserve System.

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The fulfillment of your request is based on speaker availability. In general, it is best to give a minimum of 3 months advance notice.

We do not accept requests to speak at political gatherings or organizations, fundraising events, events sponsored by investment or financial firms, or events where it is implied that an attendee or client may experience preferential access or treatment.

Speakers may not accept gifts, honoraria, or compensation. Speakers covering monetary policy, banking, or economic issues are not available during Federal Reserve blackout periods, which begin on midnight of the second Saturday preceding a Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) meeting, and last until midnight the full day following the meeting.

2023 Blackout Dates: January 21-February 2, March 11-23, April 22-May 4, June 3-15, July 15-27, September 9-21, October 21-November 2, December 2-14

The SF Fed will livestream, record, and/or publish on our website and social media channels President Daly’s public remarks. Media will also be notified of speaking engagements by her and other senior Bank executives. The SF Fed should be given advance opportunity to review invitations, promotional materials, and announcements for any agreed upon speaking engagements prior to promotion.