Jenny Glass

Jenny Glass

Senior Outreach Manager, Community Development Alaska, Oregon, and Washington

Jenny Glass joined the Community Development team at the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco in December 2022. As senior outreach manager for Alaska, Oregon, and Washington, Jenny works to advance solutions that address the needs of low- and moderate- income communities and communities of color. She partners and engages with a broad range of stakeholders, such as financial institutions, community-based organizations, and government entities, to understand and address community development issues.

Most recently, Jenny worked at Oregon Cascades West Council of Governments, where she focused on issues like rural housing production, access to affordable childcare, land use and transportation planning, and economic development. Jenny also has extensive experience in the nonprofit sector and was the founding executive director of The Rosewood Initiative in Portland, Oregon.

Jenny lives in Salem, Oregon with her family. They love to explore parks and nature, go on neighborhood bike rides, and make pizza together.

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