Leilani Pinho Barnett

Senior Outreach Manager, Community Development Inland areas of California, including the Central Valley and Sacramento, and Idaho

Leilani joined the Federal Reserve Bank in 2014. Originally from Brazil, she immigrated to the US where she received a BA from Brown University and a master’s degree in City and Regional Planning from U.C. Berkeley.

As senior outreach manager for inland areas of California (including the Central Valley and Sacramento) and Idaho, she supports and leads multi-sector collaborations to overcome community development challenges by building on local assets. Her work is focused on responding to community needs through innovative approaches. Through public/private/community-based partnerships, Leilani supports low- and moderate-income communities and families with affordable housing, financial resiliency, workforce development, health, economic development, and small business and rural development.

Leilani has worked on affordable housing, transit-oriented development, and community development in California since 1997. Her past experiences include consulting to cities and counties throughout California on issues of growth, redevelopment, city planning and affordable housing and work in private real estate development focused on transit-oriented, infill, and mixed-use development. Leilani has served on a City Planning Commission, local housing advisory commission, technical advisory boards, and on the Sacramento County Children’s Coalition.

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