Tracy Choi

Senior Outreach Manager, Community Development Northern California and Utah

Tracy Choi joined the Community Development team at the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco in May 2022. As senior outreach manager for Northern California (including the San Francisco Bay Area) and Utah, Tracy is responsible for fostering strategic partnerships and engaging with a broad range of stakeholders around critical economic and community development challenges facing low- and moderate-income communities. By leveraging resources, research, and relationships, Tracy works to elevate emerging issues and innovative practices to promote healthy, inclusive, and resilient communities.

Tracy has a background in affordable housing and community development, primarily in the public and nonprofit sectors. Prior to joining the SF Fed, Tracy spent six years at the County of San Mateo Department of Housing to accelerate affordable housing development opportunities and administer housing and community development programs and services.

Tracy is a Bay Area native and received a bachelor’s degree in sociology from Boston University and a Master of Public Policy from the Heller School of Social Policy and Management at Brandeis University.

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