Twelfth Federal Reserve District Banks, BHCs, and SLHCs Website Has Been Removed (March 31, 2022)

The lists of 12th District Banks, Bank Holding Companies, and Saving and Loan Holding Companies are no longer published on this website, as of March 31, 2022.

Links below are alternative resources to assist in locating 12th District Banks, BHCs, and SLHCs:

National Information Center (NIC) – Search Institutions

FDIC Bank Find Suite – Find Institutions by Name & Location

FDIC Details and Financials – Institution Directory

OCC – Financial Institution Search

State of Alaska
Division of Banking and Securities

State of Arizona
Department of Insurance and Financial Institutions

State of California
Department of Financial Protection & Innovation

State of Hawaii
Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs

State of Idaho
Department of Finance – Financial Institutions

State of Oregon
Division of Financial Regulation

State of Nevada
Department of Business & Industry – Financial institutions

State of Utah
Department of Financial Instructions

State of Washington
Department of Financial Institutions

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