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Emerging technologies catalyze changes in our workplaces, homes, and communities – and as a result, in our economy. On this page, you can find economic research and insights on the impacts of emerging technologies as well as economic research conducted using artificial intelligence and machine learning.

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Adam Hale Shapiro, Daniel J. Wilson
Vitaly Meursault, Pierre Jinghong Liang, Bryan R. Routledge, and Madeline Marco Scanlon
EERN System Research: Boston
John M. Abowd, Joelle Abramowitz, Margaret C. Levenstein, Kristin McCue, Dhiren Patki, Trivellore Raghunathan, Matthew D. Shapiro, Nada Wasi, and Dawn Zinsser
EERN System Research: Chicago
Vytautas Valaitis, Alessandro T. Villa
EERN System Research: Atlanta
Daniel Borup, Philippe Goulet Coulombe, David E. Rapach, Erik Christian Montes Schütte, and Sander Schwenk-Nebbe
EERN System Research: Boston
Mary Chen, Matthew DeHaven, Isabel Kitschelt, Seung Jung Lee, and Martin J. Sicilian
EERN System Research: Philadelphia
Vitaly Meursault, Daniel Moulton, Larry Santucci, and Nathan Schor, with web adaptation by Kali Aloisi
EERN System Research: Cleveland
Ilias Chronopoulos, Katerina Chrysikou, George Kapetanios, James Mitchell, and Aristeidis Raftapostolos
EERN System Research: New York
Eric Fischer, Rebecca McCaughrin, Saketh Prazad, and Mark Vandergon
EERN System Research: St. Louis
Miguel Faria e Castro and Fernando Leibovici
EERN System Research: Dallas
Ana Pranger and Yichen Su
EERN System Research: Richmond
Anne Lundgaard Hansen and Sophia Kazinnik