Pledging Loans to the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco | Physical Delivery On-Line Training


Loan Files and Documentation

Organizing and Shipping

Inventory, Review and Deposit

Ongoing Maintenance



Download all Checklist Documents
Checklist for Agricultural Loans
Checklist for Commercial Loans
Checklist for Construction Loans
Checklist for Consumer Loans
Checklist for Commercial Real Estate Loans
Checklist for Raw Land Loans


Download all Resource Documents
CR 6 Collateral Transmittal
Pledge Listing
DIN Form
Form of Letter of Agreement
Form of Certificate
Form of Authorizing Resolutions for Borrowers
Official OC-10 Authorization List
Power of Attorney
Form of Authorizing Resolutions for Borrowers

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Contact Information:

Call Center: (866) 974-7475

Shipping Address:
Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco
Credit & Risk Management – CCA, MS 830
101 Market Street
San Francisco, CA 94105

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