Community Development Staff


Scott Turner
Group Vice President, Community Engagement

David J. Erickson, PhD
Director, Community Development

John Moon
District Manager, Community Development


Leilani Pinho Barnett
Regional Manager, Community Development
Inland areas of California, including the Central Valley and Sacramento, and San Diego and Ventura Counties

Laura Choi
Research Manager

Regional Manager, Community Development

Joselyn Cousins
District Manager, Field Group
Regional Manager, Community Development
Arizona and Nevada

Naomi Cytron
Regional Manager, Community Development
Northern California

Ian Galloway
Director of the Center for Community Development Investments
Regional Manager, Community Development

Laurel Gourd
Communications Specialist, Community Development

Melody Winter Head
Regional Manager, Community Development
Southern California

Craig Nolte
Regional Manager, Community Development
Washington, Idaho, Utah, and Alaska

Elizabeth Mattiuzzi, PhD
Senior Researcher, Community Development

Bina Shrimali, PhD
Senior Researcher, Community Development

Center for Community Development Investments

The Center for Community Development Investments is the Community Development department’s research function that conducts qualitative surveys and analyzes large-scale data sets to identify trends and emerging issues affecting lower-income communities. The Center produces informed publications and hosts nationally- and regionally-focused convenings on topics of interest to banks, policy makers, community development practitioners and academics. It is also home to the department’s Visiting Scholars Program.

Field Work

The Community Development team advances solutions that address the needs of the Twelfth District’s lower-income communities. By regularly convening stakeholders and community partners, we bring the best thinking and resources together to address these challenges and opportunities. We gather community insights, share knowledge, and connect stakeholders to move forward leading ideas that address the pressing needs of low-income communities.