Laura Bakkensen, University of Arizona
Sorting Over Flood Risk and Implications for Policy Reform

Thursday, August 13, 2020
SF 8:00am, NYC 11:00am, BERLIN 5:00pm

Laura Bakkensen is Associate Professor at the University of Arizona’s School of Government and Public Policy. Dr. Bakkensen utilizes applied microeconomic and econometric techniques to study the economics of natural disasters, identifying current hazard risks and evidence of adaptation to hurricane damages and fatalities across the globe. Using an interdisciplinary Tropical Cyclone Integrated Assessment Model, Dr. Bakkensen quantifies the impacts of climate and socioeconomic change on disaster losses. Dr. Bakkensen’s research informs policy on insurance regulation, post-disaster aid, hurricane warnings, and public adaptation projects.

Download the paper (pdf, 17 mb)

This seminar is part of the Virtual Seminar on Climate Economics series hosted by the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco and is open to everyone interested in research on the economics of climate change.