Bank Tours

Learn more about the Fed and visit a local FRBSF office. For student groups of high school age and higher, as well as business and community organizations.

Chair the Fed: A Monetary Policy Game

Think you have what it takes to run our country’s central bank? See if you can achieve full employment and low inflation as chair of the Fed.

Invest in What’s Next

Brought to you by the Richmond and San Francisco Federal Reserve Banks, Invest in What’s Next: Life After High School is a free, online resource that helps students evaluate their choices for one of the biggest decisions they’ll face – what path to pursue after high school. Through interactive lessons, students explore multiple career options and education paths and develop personal finance knowledge and skills to implement a plan that’s right for them.

Personal Finance Lesson Plan

This 50-minute lesson plan helps students examine the relationship between education attainment and earning potential, develop a budget, and explore changes in labor market trends.