Personal Finance Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan: How does your level of education impact your earning potential?

This lesson introduces students to the connection between education attainment and earning potential. Students will participate in a classroom activity where they develop a budget according to a given scenario.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify the relationship between education and income level.
  • Develop a budget.
  • Manage monthly expenses to maintain a balanced budget.

Estimated Time Required:

  • One 50-minute class period

Materials Needed:

  • Personal Finance presentation (fully scripted Speaker Notes)
  • Handout #1: Student Budget Sheet, one per student
  • Calculator, one per student
  • Coin, one per student

Budgeting Basics Worksheet (pdf, 437 kb)
Budgeting Basics Presentation (ppt, 34 mb)
Hoja de trabajo de presupuesto (pdf, 143 kb)
Fundamentos de Presupuesto Presentation (ppt, 68 mb)

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About the Author
Lorraine Thayer is the Education & Outreach Manager in the Strategy, People + Culture Department at the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco.