Monday, April 13, 2015 – Wednesday, May 27, 2015


Monday, April 13 Agenda (pdf, 285 kb)
Spokane, WA

Wednesday, May 6 Agenda (pdf, 284 kb)
Bow, WA

Thursday, May 7 Agenda (pdf, 286 kb)
Olympia, WA

Friday, May 8 Agenda (pdf, 286 kb)
Port Angeles, WA

Wednesday, May 27 Agenda (pdf, 286 kb)
Warm Springs, OR

Presentations and Resources

The Homeownership Path: “Making Homeownership a Reality for Native Families” (pdf, 417 kb)
Iris Friday

The Homeownership Path: “Section 184 – Making Homeownership a Reality for Native Families” (pdf, 565 kb)
Iris Friday

Common Reasons for Mortgage Delays (pdf, 485 kb)
Craig Nolte

Making Your Money Count (pdf, 1.3 mb)
Felicia Boettger

Preparing for Homeownership (pdf, 422 kb)
Anna Coburn

Native American Direct Loan Program (pdf, 5.8 mb)
William M. Haines

Understanding Credit Reports and Scores… and How to Improve It! (pdf, 4.3 mb)
Sara Konu

Homebuyer Education: Best Practices (pdf, 875 kb)
Tinker Lucas

Homeownership & Downpayment Assistance Programs (pdf, 453 kb)
By Sandra Finkbonner and Cristie James

USDA Rural Development (pdf, 807 kb)
Jill Reese

Sample Homeownership Brochure (pdf, 113 kb)