Marshall Burke, Stanford University
Climate, Wildfire, and Air Pollution


Thursday, January 14, 2021


SF 8:00am, NYC 11:00am, BERLIN 5:00pm



Marshall Burke is Associate Professor in the Department of Earth System Science and Deputy Director at the Center on Food Security and the Environment at Stanford University, and Research Fellow at the National Bureau of Economic Research. Dr. Burke’s research focuses on social and economic impacts of environmental change, and on measuring and understanding economic livelihoods across the developing world. Dr. Burke is also co-founder of AtlasAI, a start-up using satellites and machine learning to measure livelihoods.

This seminar is part of the Virtual Seminar on Climate Economics series hosted by the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco and is open to everyone interested in research on the economics of climate change.

Read the paper: The Changing Risk and Burden of Wildfire in the United States. PNAS January 12, 2021 118 (2) e2011048118.

Watch the recording (video, 1:00:42, with transcription)