Neng Wang, Columbia Business School
Welfare Consequences of Sustainable Finance


Thursday, May 27, 2021


SF 8:00am, NYC 11:00am, BERLIN 5:00pm



Neng Wang is Professor of Real Estate and Finance at Columbia Business School and a visiting professor at CKGSB. He is also a Research Associate (Senior Research Fellow) at the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER), a Senior Research Fellow at Asian Bureau of Financial and Economics Research (ABFER), and an Academic Member of the Luohan Academy. He has widely published in leading economics, finance, and business journals.

His research interests include corporate finance, contract theory, financial institutions, asset pricing, asset allocation, sovereign debt and international finance, risk management, entrepreneurial finance, household finance, wealth distribution, macroeconomics, private equity, hedge funds, investor protection, real estate finance, FinTech, and the Chinese economy.

This seminar is part of the Virtual Seminar on Climate Economics series hosted by the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco and is open to everyone interested in research on the economics of climate change.

Download the paper (pdf, 437 kb)

Watch the recording (video, 47:52 minutes, with transcription)