Policy Nimbleness Through Forward Guidance

Mary C. Daly’s Keynote at the Chapman University Shadow Open Market Committee Conference 2022

Friday, June 24, 2022
1:00 p.m. PT
Chapman University

President Daly delivers the keynote address at the Shadow Open Market Committee 2022 Conference at Chapman University in Orange, CA. In her speech, Mary discusses her outlook for inflation, the tools we have to combat it, and how monetary policy needs to adjust as persistent high inflation moves from risk to reality.

Following her address, Mary is joined by Peter Ireland, professor of economics at Boston University for a moderated Q&A.

Mary C. Daly speaks at the Chapman University Shadow Open Market Committee Conference 2022.
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Mary C. Daly is president and CEO of the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco and helps set American monetary policy as a Federal Open Market Committee participant. Since taking office in 2018, she has committed to making the SF Fed a more community-engaged bank that is transparent and responsive to the people it serves. Read Mary C. Daly’s full bio.


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