Twelfth District Community Advisory Council

Established February 10, 2017

The Twelfth District Community Advisory Council (CAC) serves as an important source of information on current and pending developments in the Twelfth District with an emphasis on underserved and lower-income communities. The members provide observations, opinions and advice to the management of the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco on the present state of the economy and on developments in the respective members’ communities and areas of interest. The Council will also provide input to the Bank’s community development activities. The Twelfth District Community Advisory Council members reside within the nine-state District of this Reserve Bank.

Twelfth District Community Advisory Council Charter (pdf, 49 kb)

Effective January 1, 2020


Terry Benelli

Terry Benelli (2021)
Executive Director
Local Initiative Support
Corporation Phoenix
Phoenix, Arizona

Vice Chair

Fred Blackwell

Fred Blackwell (2021)
The San Francisco Foundation
San Francisco, California


Daisy Gordon Crompton

Daisy Gordon Crompton (2021)
San Diego Housing Commission,
City-County Reinvestment Task Force
San Diego, California

La Shelle Dozier

La Shelle Dozier (2020)
Executive Director
Sacramento Housing and
Redevelopment Agency
Sacramento, California

Carol Gore

Carol Gore (2021)
President and Chief Executive Officer
Cook Inlet Housing Authority
Anchorage, Alaska

Cyndy Gustafson

Cyndy Gustafson (2021)
Chief Executive Officer of Strategic Progress LLC, and
Executive Director of the Applied Research and Policy Institute
Reno, Nevada

Michelle Kauhane

Michelle Kauhane (2020)
Senior Vice President
Hawaii Community Foundation
Honolulu, Hawaii

Irma Morin

Irma Morin (2021)
Chief Executive Officer
Community Council of Idaho
Caldwell, Idaho

Cecil Plummer

Cecil Plummer (2021)
Western Regional Minority Supplier
Development Council
Oakland, California

José A. Quiñonez

José A. Quiñonez (2020)
Chief Executive Officer
Mission Asset Fund
San Francisco, California

Carmen Rojas

Carmen Rojas (2022)
President and Chief Executive Officer
Marguerite Casey Foundation
Seattle, Washington

Carl Talton

Carl Talton (2020)
Ex Officio Chair
United Fund Advisors
Portland, Oregon

Tony To

Tony To (2021)
Director Emeritus, HomeSight and
Project Director, Othello Square
Seattle, Washington

Last updated December 2019