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The Media Relations Office in the Public Relations Department serves as the primary source for news and media contacts at the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco.

President's Speeches

Forward-Looking Policy in a Real-Time World

Posted March 4, 2023

Princeton University Griswold Center for Economic Policy Studies Symposium Keynote closing remarks 2023
Princeton, NJ

Resolute and Mindful: The Path to Price Stability

Posted November 21, 2022

Orange County Business Council Keynote Address 2022
Irvine, CA

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Leadership Speeches

Retail Trends in Crypto

Posted December 10, 2021

By Ana De Sousa, Assistant Vice President, Financial Technology Practice, Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco

Inflation: Now and 50 Years Ago

Posted October 18, 2021

By Sylvain Leduc, Executive Vice President and Director of Research, Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco

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News Releases

Statement on Transparency and Accountability by the 12 Federal Reserve Banks

Posted March 24, 2023

Membership Appointments Announced for the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco’s Community Depository Institutions Advisory Council

Posted January 13, 2023

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