Learn about the unique experiences and diverse stories from the SF Fed.

  • Unlocking Insights into Economic Inequity as an SF Fed Research Scholar

    Aina Puig, SF Fed Summer 2022 Research Scholar, shares her experience with the Unlocking Our Potential essay contest, her time at the SF Fed working with the Economic Research team, and her hopes for her research moving forward.

  • Discovering the Meaning of Juneteenth

    This year, in celebration of Juneteenth, members of the SF Fed’s Mosaic employee resource group share the history of the holiday as well as their perspectives on Juneteenth and reflect on its meaning.

  • Finding Hope and Healing in the Christian ERG

    For Elmer Stokes and Lee Anderson, two co-leaders of the SF Fed’s resource group for both Christian and non-Christian employees, being a part of this faith-based community helps them find hope and healing amidst social and personal challenges.

  • Finding Common Ground in Filipino Roots

    For Jordan Villa and Jennifer Chaparro, co-chairs of the SF Fed’s resource group for Filipino employees, drawing on their cultural heritage helps them find common ground with colleagues and the greater community.

  • Uprooted and Replanted by the Pandemic

    Areeba Yasin, a summer 2021 intern at the San Francisco Fed, shares her experiences of being uprooted by the pandemic, her interest in the Fed, and the significance of community to her.

  • Parenting is Essential Work

    As co-chairs of the SF Fed’s employee resource group for parents, Marica Chen and Stephanie Salazar provide resources and support to help employees balance parenting and work.

  • Indus Employee Group Creates Community from the Bay Area to Bollywood

    For Saachi Gupta and Taruna Sharma, the SF Fed’s Indus employee resource group is a way to celebrate their culture, develop their careers, and connect with the community.

  • Inspired to Inspire and Keep Paving the Way

    Michelle Harris, sourcing specialist and member of the SF Fed’s African American employee resource group Mosaic, reflects on her childhood memories of celebrating Black History Month and, in honor of Women’s History Month, shares the inspirational women who paved the way for her to go after her dream job.

  • From Data Purchases to Labradoodle Grooming, Lydia Petersen Celebrates Eclectic Interests

    Data informs our work throughout the San Francisco Fed, from economic research to community development to financial supervision. Data librarian Lydia Petersen brings in credible third-party data, in the right formats, at a great price.

  • Community Connections Built on Trust and Respect

    From bus driver to youth leader to youth and family support detective, and now Federal Reserve law enforcement officer, Fred Villaflor’s career reflects his commitment to the community.