Do Central Bank Liquidity Facilities Affect Interbank Lending Rates?


Jose A. Lopez

Glenn D. Rudebusch

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2009-13 | June 1, 2009

In response to the global financial crisis that started in August 2007, central banks provided extraordinary amounts of liquidity to the financial system. To investigate the effect of central bank liquidity facilities on term interbank lending rates, we estimate a six-factor arbitrage-free model of U.S. Treasury yields, financial corporate bond yields, and term interbank rates. This model can account for fluctuations in the term structure of credit risk and liquidity risk. A significant shift in model estimates after the announcement of the liquidity facilities suggests that these central bank actions did help lower the liquidity premium in term interbank rates.

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Rudebusch, Glenn D., Jens H. E. Christensen, and Jose A. Lopez. 2009. “Do Central Bank Liquidity Facilities Affect Interbank Lending Rates?,” Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco Working Paper 2009-13. Available at

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