Macroeconomic Implications of Changes in the Term Premium


Glenn D. Rudebusch

Brian P. Sack

Eric T. Swanson

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2006-46 | November 1, 2006

Linearized New Keynesian models and empirical no-arbitrage macro-finance models offer little insight regarding the implications of changes in bond term premiums for economic activity. We investigate these implications using both a structural model and a reduced-form framework. We show that there is no structural relationship running from the term premium to economic activity, but a reduced-form empirical analysis does suggest that a decline in the term premium has typically been associated with stimulus to real economic activity, which contradicts earlier results in the literature.

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Sack, Brian P., Eric T. Swanson, and Glenn D. Rudebusch. 2006. “Macroeconomic Implications of Changes in the Term Premium,” Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco Working Paper 2006-46. Available at