Microeconomics Slides

Topics related to households, businesses, and other economic agents that contribute to the aggregate economy.

Personal Saving Rate: Delayed Consumption

September 14, 2020

What happens to income that households do not spend? This DataPost entry considers savings and how deferred spending relates to interest rates and inflation.

College Debt: Rising Student Loan Balances

December 8, 2017

Student loan dollars have grown as college costs have increased. See how federal and nonfederal loan dollars have changed since 2003.

Labor Force Participation Rates: Measuring Workforce Engagement

December 8, 2017

Who is active in the labor force? Behavioral patterns among teenagers, prime-age men and women, and older workers have important implications for the path of unemployment.

U.S. Household Incomes: A Snapshot (Income Inequality Part 1)

December 8, 2017

Learn about the U.S. household income distribution as a jumping-off point for understanding income inequality.

Median Household Income: Life in the Middle (Income Inequality Part 2)

December 8, 2017

Building on the overall household distribution, learn about the trend in median household incomes as a precursor to income inequality.

Income Inequality: Measuring the Gap (Income Inequality Part 3)

December 8, 2017

Using median household income, learn about a method to track trends in income inequality.

Does Education Matter? Job Losses Since the Great Recession

December 8, 2017

See how unemployment by educational attainment has changed since the Great Recession.

The Housing Boom: Home Prices Outpaced Income Gains

December 8, 2017

See the extent to which house prices outpaced gains in disposable income during the housing bubble.