Regional Community and Economic Perspectives

The Regional Community and Economic Perspectives network, comprised of community and business leaders from across the Twelfth District, provides the San Francisco Fed with real-time information on local economic conditions.

The Federal Reserve’s monetary policy decisions impact the experiences of all communities, from large metropolitan cities to thriving rural towns . That’s why it’s so important for the Federal Reserve to consider a wide range of data and perspectives. The information used for monetary policy deliberations comes from multiple sources, including quantitative data and economic analyses, as well as ongoing engagement with our network. Conversations with our communities help us understand the different economic experiences of the people we serve, such as small business owners, people facing barriers to economic participation, and large employers that drive local economic growth.

Along with our boards and councils, the Regional Community and Economic Perspectives network helps add important context to quantitative data. Together, these inputs help shape our understanding of how people and businesses experience the economy differently, which guides our decision making and our policies. In this way, being a community-engaged organization furthers our mission of promoting a sound and stable economy to support the lives of all Americans.

Inputs to Monetary Policy

Quantitative Data
Numerical data from various public sources. Indicators such as employment, unemployment, wages, and inflation.

Economic Models
Modeling and empirical analyses utilizing economic theory and quantitative data to assess the state of the economy and make forecasts.

Boards and Councils
Real-time, “on the ground” information on economic sectors and geographic areas that span the District.

Beige Book
Summary of District economic and community conditions, published eight times a year, informed by current and former board and council members.

Our Network
Community and economic information gathered in real time from a wide range of stakeholders through the Regional Community and Economic Perspectives network and the Bank’s Public Engagement function.

Monetary Policy and its Impact on Communities

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