The SF Fed is dedicated to building a stronger economy for all Americans. To advance this mission, the Bank provides a variety of financial services that promote a safe, sound, and stable banking and financial system. These services range from ensuring that banks and other depository institutions have sufficient cash for their operations to acting as the fiscal agent for the federal government. Together these services support the growth and stability of the U.S. economy and fair and transparent consumer financial services.


Federal Reserve Policies for Financial Services



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Cash Services

The SF Fed has five cash processing facilities, including one of the largest fully automated processing centers in the Federal Reserve System. Together these facilities support 900 financial institutions. To ensure that these institutions have enough currency and coin and that the currency is genuine and fit for commerce, the SF Fed processes more than 77 million bank notes every day.

About Our Financial Services

As a Reserve Bank, the SF Fed provides accounting services to depository institutions throughout the Twelfth District. These services help banks making payments and those receiving payments to settle these transactions efficiently.

With access to the Automated Clearing House network, banks can quickly and easily exchange debit and credit transactions.

With the Federal Reserve’s check services, banks can process both electronic and paper checks.

The FedNow helps banks and credit unions instantly transfer money for their customers, making everyday payments easier and quicker.

Operated by the SF Fed and other Reserve Banks, this service offers settlement options to depository institutions with Federal Reserve Bank master accounts.

With FedWire, the Federal Reserve offers cost-effective issuance, maintenance, transfer and settlement services related to U.S. Treasury and certain other securities.

FedWire provides same-day, mission critical electronic funds-transfer services to banks, businesses, and government agencies.