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A constrained supply of new housing throughout California has exacerbated the challenge of housing affordability within the state. One solution to housing affordability challenges that has gained prominence through new state legislation is to construct more accessory dwelling units (ADUs) on single family home lots. In this interview with Susan Long, program director at Self-Help Enterprises, we explore how ADU financing programs can help meet housing needs.

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These snapshots provide data profiles for the home care sector in each of the nine states that comprise the 12th Federal Reserve District.

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Access to affordable child care is crucial to parents’ ability to participate in the workforce. However, in many places—especially lower-income communities and communities of color—affordable child care isn’t available to meet this need.

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We listen to our communities to better understand on-the-ground economic conditions throughout the Twelfth Federal Reserve District.



Residential Instability in the Bay Area through the COVID-19 Pandemic

This report examines Bay Area residential instability during the pandemic. Although residents moved less, those living in crowded conditions and with declining financial health increased.

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