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In March 2018, we gathered 1,200 community development professionals in Miami for the National Interagency Community Reinvestment Conference and explored the complex intersections between issues such as neighborhoods, health, and climate as well as the role of community reinvestment in promoting equitable development. Over the next few weeks, we will share videos and reflections from the conference, organized around some of the event’s key themes. We start with a focus on inclusion and racial equity.

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Posted June 5, 2018

The debacle of lead-poisoned children in Flint, Michigan reminded us of the insidious and permanent impact of this toxic poison on a child’s brain. However, millions of children (and seniors) living in older homes, especially ones with flaking paint, are still being lead poisoned. Today, the vast majority of children who become poisoned by lead come from lower-income families of color—those least able to shoulder this added burden. This is where community-based nonprofit organizations—especially the 1,000+ groups that weatherize and retrofit older homes across the country—can step in and play a key role.

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The Small Business Credit Survey is a national collaboration of the 12 Reserve Banks of the Federal Reserve System that provides intelligence on small business financial needs, decisions and outcomes to policymakers, researchers and service providers.

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The Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco is committed to facilitating the availability of financial services and capital, consistent with safe and sound practices, by banks through training, roundtable convenings, and collaboration with community investment partners.

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