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While the topic of rising rents and displacement tends to focus on residential issues, we recognize an increased cost of real estate also has implications for nonprofit organizations. The Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco is conducting a survey of nonprofit organizations in the Greater Los Angeles region to understand the scope of nonprofit displacement and how organizations are responding to the region’s challenging real estate market.

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Open Source Solutions

Posted October 31, 2018

This Open Source Solutions paper: 1) explores trends driving Medicaid’s efforts to “shift from volume to value” and the implications for federal payment of non-clinical services; 2) examines whether prevention-based savings from the effective use of value-based purchasing would “slide” Medicaid Managed Care Organization (MCO) revenue by a corresponding amount; and 3) considers outcomes-based funding options for health-related prevention and social welfare programs.

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The Small Business Credit Survey is conducted through a national collaboration across the Federal Reserve System. It reveals timely information on small business financing needs, decisions, and outcomes.

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The Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco is committed to facilitating the availability of financial services and capital, consistent with safe and sound practices, by banks through training, roundtable convenings, and collaboration with community investment partners.

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