Jesse M. Keenan

Lecturer of Architecture
Graduate School of Design
Harvard University

Jesse M. Keenan is a social scientist and a member of the faculty of the Graduate School of Design at Harvard University. Keenan’s principal research focus is on climate change adaptation and the built environment, including aspects of design, engineering, financing and planning. Keenan has previously advised on matters concerning the built environment for agencies of the U.S. government, governors, mayors, Fortune 500 companies, technology ventures, community enterprises and international NGOs.

As a Visiting Scholar at the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, Keenan is co-authoring a report on the policy and empirical connections linking disaster recovery, climate adaptation, and the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA). He is also serving as Guest Editor for an issue of the Community Development Innovation Review dedicated to research and practice at the intersection of climate adaptation and community development.

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