West Coast Search and Matching Workshop

Friday, May 10, 2019
Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco
San Francisco, CA 94105

Session 1
Matching for Social Mobility with Unobserved Heritable Characteristics
by C. Bidner and J. Knowles
Download paper (pdf, 552 kb)

The Aggregate Labor Supply Curve at the Extensive Margin: A Reservation Wedge Approach
by P. Mui and B. Schoefer

Session 2
Robots or Workers? A Macro Analysis of Automation and Labor Markets
by S. Leduc and Z. Liu
Download paper (pdf, 321 kb)

A Theory of Participation in OTC and Centralized Markets
by J. Dugast, S. Uslu, and P.O. Weill
Download paper (pdf, 533 kb)

Session 3
Granular Search, Market Structure, and Wages
by G. Jarosch, J. Nimczik, and I. Sorkin
Download paper (pdf, 1.2 mb)

Organizers: Thanasis Geromichalos and Nicolas Petrosky-Nadeau