Research Spotlight

  • Staying on Course: Reducing Inflation along a Nonlinear Phillips Curve

    New data covering the period since May 2023 have continued to follow the path of a nonlinear Phillips curve that shows the relationship between inflation and a particular measure of labor market slack, the ratio of the unemployment rate to the job vacancy rate. This new evidence provides additional support to the findings in the […]

  • Conference on Fixed Income Markets and Inflation: Call for Papers

    The Federal Reserve Banks of San Francisco and Chicago and the Journal of Financial Econometrics are inviting paper submissions for a conference on “Fixed Income Markets and Inflation.” The conference will take place in Chicago on May 9-10, 2024. Selected papers will be considered for publication in a special issue of the Journal. The conference will focus on […]

  • Economic Letter Countdown: Hot Topics from 2023

    Market St, San Francisco

    As we launch into a new year of research, here’s a look back. Check out the list of our most popular FRBSF Economic Letter topics of 2023, featuring research insights from San Francisco Fed economists. Read more in the blog.

  • Data Revisions and Pandemic-Era Excess Savings

    U.S. household savings rose and fell at unprecedented rates since the onset of the pandemic recession. Comprehensive data revisions by the Bureau of Economic Analysis show that households continue to hold significantly more savings than previously estimated. Our updated estimates suggest that more than $400 billion of accumulated excess savings remains in the aggregate economy, […]

  • Join Us for Ask the SF Fed: Labor Markets, Inflation, and the Economy

    Join us on Thursday, October 12, at 10:35 am PDT, for a live discussion on Labor Markets, Inflation, and the Economy with Research Director Sylvain Leduc. Leduc will answer presubmitted questions from the public in a discussion with our host moderator, Laura Monfredini. Key topics will include the challenges of high inflation in the services […]

  • Monras Wins Award for Best Spanish Economist under 40

    Joan Monras, Research Advisor at the SF Fed and Professor of Economics at the Pompeu Fabra University, has been awarded the 22nd Banco Sabadell Foundation Award for Economic Research for his innovative research in the field of immigration. Monras’s research focuses on the fields of labor economics, urban economics, and international trade. His articles examine […]

  • Excess No More? Dwindling Pandemic Savings

    U.S. household savings rose and fell at unprecedented rates since the onset of the pandemic recession. Updated estimates suggest that only a small fraction of accumulated excess savings remains in the aggregate economy and that those funds are likely to be depleted during the third quarter of 2023.

  • Liu Discusses Research on Link between Automation and Superstar Firms

    Zheng Liu, vice president and Director of our Center for Pacific Basin Studies, sat down recently with Faculti to talk about his working paper with coauthors Hamid Firooz and Yajie Wang, “Automation and the Rise of Superstar Firms.” In the Faculti interview, Liu explains the empirical link between automation technology and industry concentration over the […]

  • Second Annual Workshop on Macroeconomic Implications of Migration: Call for Papers

    The Bank of Canada, the Global Migration Center at the University of California, Davis, the Economics Department at ITAM, and the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco would like to invite you to submit a paper to the second edition of the workshop on the Macroeconomic Implications of Migration that will take place at the […]

  • Behind the Scenes: Building the SF Fed Data Explorer

    Last September, the Economic Research department launched the SF Fed Data Explorer, an interactive tool that allows you to explore and download data for various groups of people in the U.S. labor market. In a recent #unreserved feature, Research Associate Erin Crust shares the story behind the development of the Data Explorer.