Janet L. Yellen’s Speeches

Speeches by former President Janet L. Yellen.

  • The Outlook for the Economy1

    Hello and thank you for coming. The topic of my talk tonight is the outlook for the economy. I will try to keep my comments reasonably brief out of consideration for those of you who need to rush home and finish your taxes! I should mention that my comments reflect my own views, and not […]

  • The Outlook for the Economy and Inflation, and the Case for Federal Reserve Independence1

    Hello and thank you for coming. I’m very grateful to Town Hall Los Angeles for organizing this event. It gives me an opportunity to explain to you how I see the economy shaping up in the months ahead. I will also use the occasion to talk about several issues that are high on the public […]

  • The Outlook for the Economy and Monetary Policy1

    Thank you, William. It’s very nice to see a familiar face and to receive such a gracious introduction. And it’s a pleasure to be here with you in beautiful San Diego. This morning, I will try to cover a lot of ground. I’ll survey the economic landscape, and give you my reading of the outlook […]

  • Linkages between Monetary and Regulatory Policy: Lessons from the Crisis1

    Thank you. It is a great privilege to be here among such a distinguished group. I want to thank the Institute of Regulation & Risk for inviting me to speak tonight and express my particular gratitude to Ms. Au King-chi of the Hong Kong Government and Mr. Norman Chan of the Hong Kong Monetary Authority. […]

  • The Outlook for the Economy and Real Estate1

    Thank you very much Sheila. It’s a great pleasure to see you again and to join all of you this morning. I want to express my appreciation to Sheila for her excellent service as a member and as deputy chair of the San Francisco Federal Reserve Bank’s board of directors from 1999 to 2004. I am […]

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  • The Outlook for Recovery in the U.S. Economy1

    Watch Video It’s a pleasure to appear before a group of professionals who spend as much time trying to understand the financial markets and the economy as I do.  It’s fair to say that the last two or three years have provided all of us an education—a far-from-welcome one—of just how complex these subjects are.  […]

  • Outlook for the U.S. Economy and Community Banks 1

    Thank you very much. I’m delighted to be able to talk to an audience of community bankers in such a beautiful setting. The 12th Federal Reserve District stretches from Utah to Hawaii, and from Arizona to Alaska. As I travel around this region, I often think how lucky I am to be able to visit some […]

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  • A View of the Economic Crisis and the Federal Reserve’s Response 1

    Watch Video Thank you very much. I’m very glad to be here before this thoughtful and engaged audience to talk about the economy and the Federal Reserve’s response. The Fed has faced extraordinary challenges over the past two years and these challenges continue as this very painful recession grinds on. I don’t have to tell […]