Janet L. Yellen’s Speeches

Speeches by former President Janet L. Yellen.

  • Closing Panel Presentation

    I’m delighted to have this opportunity to help wrap up what has been a fascinating and timely macro-finance research conference. Cataclysmic events, like the current economic and financial crisis, often fundamentally alter the focus—and even the paradigm—for economic research and for monetary policymaking. The Keynesian paradigm, with its activist policy prescriptions, grew out of the […]

  • Issues Raised by the Credit Crunch and Global Recession1

    It is a great pleasure to speak to this audience of distinguished Australian business economists. While you are having your breakfast, we here in San Francisco are more than half way through our business day, although that day is yesterday for you. My topic is the U.S. economy—where we stand, where we’re going, and what […]

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  • Issues Raised by the Credit Crunch and Global Recession1

    Watch Video I’m delighted to be with you at the Haas School and be hosted by my friend Rich Lyons. As you know, this is a homecoming for me. I spent almost 25 rewarding years of my professional life as a faculty member here. And I will always think of the Haas and broader Berkeley […]

  • A Minsky Meltdown: Lessons for Central Bankers1

    It’s a great pleasure to speak to this distinguished group at a conference named for Hyman P. Minsky. My last talk here took place 13 years ago when I served on the Fed’s Board of Governors. My topic then was “The ‘New’ Science of Credit Risk Management at Financial Institutions.” It described innovations that I […]

  • The Uncertain Economic Outlook and the Policy Responses1

    Good afternoon and thank you for inviting me. I’m delighted to speak before a group of such distinguished forecasters. As a member of the Federal Open Market Committee, I too must regularly predict the course of the economy and lately that has become a particularly hazardous occupation. We are struggling to assess the effects of […]

  • Discussion of “Oil and the Macroeconomy: Lessons for Monetary Policy”1

    It’s a pleasure to discuss this thoughtful and comprehensive report on the macroeconomic implications of oil price movements.2 Even though we are no longer faced with sky-high oil prices, the issues discussed here remain important and policy relevant. It is hard to believe that oil prices will not go up again sometime in the future, […]

  • The Economic Outlook for 2009 and Community Banks1

    Good afternoon and thank you for asking me to speak at your assembly. I’m glad to appear before bank directors because—as you know all too well—your industry is at the center of the turbulence now swirling around our economy. I look forward to your insights and questions. I don’t need to tell you that our […]

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  • The Outlook for 2009: Economic Turmoil and Policy Responses1

    Watch Video Good afternoon, and thank you for inviting me to speak to you today. I am very pleased that one of my first speeches of the year is to the Financial Women’s Association.  Those of you who work in the financial sector are keenly aware of the problems we now face in the financial […]