Thomas J. Sargent Dissertation Fellowship

Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco economists conduct cutting-edge research to make substantive contributions to the analysis and conduct of monetary policy. The Thomas J. Sargent Dissertation Fellowship offers individuals an opportunity to interact with economists and visiting scholars, make progress in writing their dissertation, and increase their exposure to scholarly research.

Fellows will participate in department research activities, such as seminars and brown bags, as well as discuss and advance current research projects with feedback from department economists, and support from department computing and data resources. The fellowships carry a stipend.

Candidates are sought in the fields of macroeconomics (broadly defined), financial economics, and labor economics. Potential synergies with department economists will be considered in particular.

Fellowship details

Qualifications and requirements

Fellowships are open to Ph.D. students from all Ph.D.-granting colleges and universities. Applicants must:

  • Have passed their qualifying examinations
  • Be at the dissertation stage of their program
  • Have legal work status in the United States (i.e., citizenship, work visa)
  • Be available to work for the full duration of the 6-8 week fellowship
  • Present one brown bag seminar
  • Interact with department economists
  • Reside in the San Francisco Bay Area during fellowship

Application materials:

  • CV
  • Sample research paper
  • Cover letter
  • Two (2) letters of reference


Our Thomas J. Sargent Dissertation Fellowship is currently on hold.

I had a great summer at the San Francisco Fed in 2016! I met new people, made new friends, and started new research projects. It’s an amazing place with dozens of economists eager to hear about your research and discuss their own.
– Neil White, UT Austin, 2016 Dissertation Fellow
Spending the summer at the FRBSF was a truly formative experience for me both personally and professionally. Through daily discussions with members of the economics research team and by presenting in the seminar series, I received valuable input on my research ideas and insights from new and different perspectives. Thanks for letting me join the team last summer, I am very grateful for the hospitality and opportunity extended to me.
– Dmitri Koustas, UC Berkeley, 2016 Dissertation Fellow

The Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Our people proudly reflect the diversity and ideas of the communities we serve.