San Francisco Board of Directors

Effective January 1, 2018

Appointed by Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System

Class C

Alexander R. Mehran

Alexander R. Mehran (2018)
Chair of the Board and
Federal Reserve Agent

Chairman and
Chief Executive Officer
Sunset Development Company
San Ramon, California

Barry M. Meyer

Barry M. Meyer (2019)
Deputy Chair of the Board
Chairman and
Chief Executive Officer, Retired
Warner Bros. Entertainment
Founder and Chairman
North Ten Mile Associates
Los Angeles, California

Rosemary Turner

Rosemary Turner (2020)
UPS Northern California District
Oakland, California

Elected by Member Banks

Class A*

Peter S. Ho

Peter S. Ho (2018)
Group 1
Chairman, President and
Chief Executive Officer
Bank of Hawaii and Bank of Hawaii Corporation
Honolulu, Hawaii

Steven R. Gardner

Steven R. Gardner (2019)
Group 2
Chairman and
Chief Executive Officer
Pacific Premier Bank
Irvine, California

S. Randolph Compton

S. Randolph Compton (2020)
Group 3
Chief Executive Officer and
and Co-Chair of the Board
Pioneer Trust Bank, N.A.
Salem, Oregon

Steven E. Bochner

Steven E. Bochner (2018)
Group 3
Wilson, Sonsini, Goodrich
& Rosati, P.C.
Palo Alto, California

Sanford L. Michelman

Sanford L. Michelman (2019)
Group 1
Michelman & Robinson, LLP
Los Angeles, California

Tamara L. Lundgren

Tamara L. Lundgren (2020)
Group 2
President and
Chief Executive Officer
Schnitzer Steel Industries, Inc.
Portland, Oregon

* For election of directors, member banks are classified into groups based on capital and surplus as of the date of the election letters. The latest reclassification, effective August 14, 2015, resulted in the following:
Group 1 – Capital and surplus of $600,000,000 or more
Group 2 – Capital and surplus of $35,000,000 or more and less than $600,000,000
Group 3 – Capital and surplus of less than $35,000,000.

Last updated December 2017