San Francisco Board of Directors

Effective January 1, 2023

Appointed by the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System

Class C

Tamara Lundgren

Tamara Lundgren (2023)

Chair of the Board and Federal Reserve Agent
Chairman, President, and
Chief Executive Officer
Schnitzer Steel Industries, Inc.
Portland, Oregon

David P. White

David P. White (2024)

Deputy Chair of the Board
Immediate Past Chief Executive Officer and Chief Negotiator
Screen Actors Guild (SAG-AFTRA)
Los Angeles, California, and
Current Venture Partner
Ulu Ventures
Palo Alto, California

Mario Cordero

Mario Cordero (2025)

Executive Director
Port of Long Beach
Long Beach, California

Elected by Member Banks

Class A*

Vacant Seat Avatar

Vacant Seat

Group 1

Simone Lagomarsino (2022)

Simone Lagomarsino (2025)

Group 2
President and
Chief Executive Officer
Luther Burbank Savings and Luther Burbank Corporation
Santa Rosa, California

S. Randolph (Randy) Compton

S. Randolph (Randy) Compton (2023)

Group 3
Chairman of the Board, President, and
Assistant Secretary
PTB Corporation, and
Chairman of the Board
Pioneer Trust Bank, N.A.
Salem, Oregon

Carl Chang

Carl Chang (2025)

Group 1
Chief Executive Officer
Kairos Investment Management Company, and
Chairman of the Board
Pieology Pizzeria
Rancho Santa Margarita, California

Karen Lee

Karen Lee (2023)

Group 2
Chief Executive Officer
Plymouth Housing
Seattle, Washington

Arthur F. (Skip) Oppenheimer

Arthur F. (Skip) Oppenheimer (2024)

Group 3
Chairman and
Chief Executive Officer
Oppenheimer Companies, Inc., and
Oppenheimer Development Corporation
Boise, Idaho

* For election of directors, member banks are classified into groups based on capital and surplus as of the date of the election letters. The latest reclassification, effective August 14, 2015, resulted in the following:
Group 1 – Capital and surplus of $600,000,000 or more
Group 2 – Capital and surplus of $35,000,000 or more and less than $600,000,000
Group 3 – Capital and surplus of less than $35,000,000.

Last updated March 2023