Around the District: Anchorage, Alaska

As a community-engaged bank, the SF Fed seeks out real-time information on economic conditions by engaging with and learning from businesses, community organizations, and local leaders. These conversations are one of the many inputs into the decisions and policymaking at the Federal Reserve as we pursue our mission.

Here’s a snapshot of Christina Prkic’s recent trip to Anchorage, Alaska as the SF Fed’s new Vice President and Regional Executive of our Seattle Branch Office.

As I kickstart my new role as Seattle regional executive for the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, one of my first public engagement trips was to Anchorage to attend the Alaska Economic Development Corporation’s (AEDC) 2024 Economic Forecast Luncheon. Jenna Wright, the AEDC’s President and CEO, and her team organized a wonderful program that attracted a crowd of more than 1400 attendees. I want to thank her for including the SF Fed.

The Seattle Branch crew at the Anchorage Economic Development Corporation luncheon: (L-R) Colleen Dushkin, Community Advisory Council member, Jewel Jones, Steven Fischer, Gabe Kompkoff, Seattle Branch BOD member, Christina Prkic, and Carol Gore, former Seattle Branch Board member.

I also want to thank, Carol Gore, former SF Fed Seattle Board member for the warm welcome at the event. It was so fun to meet new people and spend time with members of the SF Fed Family: Community Advisory Council member Colleen Dushkin and newly-appointed Seattle Board member Gabe Kompkoff.

From our conversations during the keynote workshop and reception, as well as the luncheon presentations, my colleague Steven Fisher and I got a glimpse into how community and business leaders are working to strengthen Anchorage’s economic vitality. It was an inspiring and engaging event!

And, as an added bonus, we also managed to pay a visit to a popular local winter attraction—meet Snowzilla.

Christina and Steve paying a visit to Snowzilla, Anchorage's popular winter attraction.
Christina and Steve paying a visit to Snowzilla, Anchorage’s popular winter attraction.

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Christina Prkic is vice president and regional executive of the Seattle branch of the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco. Learn more about Christina Prkic